Fear Not said the Angel !

20-car-accident-2014_08_29-04_58_16-utcFifteen years ago, February 8th 2002, I fell asleep driving to work 4 am .  My trip from Palm Coast to South Jacksonville came to an end. I dozed off and hit a parked Toyota pick up. Thankfully, no one was in it or changing a tire. As the emergency team approached I heard , “Prepare everybody , looks like we have a D.O.A.

In the emergency room and had a moment of being alone. A man in scrubs, stood behind me and touched my head. He asked me, “Why are you weeping child”. I could not talk, still shaking from my accident. He responded, “Fear Not.” Someone came in to check on me and I said , “The man behind me is calming me down.” The person looked at me in puzzlement and said “What man? No one else is here!” Even after describing him as a young African-American with a thin mustache and a chin goatee, they responded , “No one else was on duty, lay down and relax.”fear-not

Many times in the bible when an angels appear to people they said , Fear Not !  That is why it comforted me.

It was what I knew angels say. Even the prophet Isaiah heard the same phrase in Isaiah chapter 41 verse 10

When I crawled into my brother’s truck, the first so;ng playing was ,”Your Love Oh Lord” by a christian rock band, “Third Day.'” I  found out later the lyrics were from Psalms It comes from Psalm 36:5-6                                            

Your love, oh Lord

Reaches to the heavens
Your faithfulness stretches to the sky
Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains
Your justice flows like the ocean’s tide

I will life my voice
To worship You, my King
I will find my strength
In the shadow on Your wings

Inside the car, the hood was 6 inches from where my head was.The picture of me at the junkyard does not show my knees knocking. I realized what could have happened . I remember my mom kept asking me “How fast were you going? I don’t know mom I  was sleeping”, I would answer . Then she would ask again. Sometimes we do the same thing with God and ask over and over: Who,What,Where ,When and Why.  Our minds need a answer and details. God reminds us “Fear Not ” 365 times in the bible. He has  the big picture in sight.

This episode of my life made me make changes. I found out I had sleep apnea which kept me from getting proper sleep and oxygen to my body. I  quit the Postal Service  after 17 years  (12 years as a mailman & 5 as a supervisor ) and being denied a transfer to  Daytona Beach as a  supervisor or starting over as a mailman.

Sometimes we learn just enough to strengthen us. God even used a “No Way ” answer for good. I found out a few years later that  christian African-American supervisor was being  discriminated by his supervisor’s. He moved into my position in Jacksonville and he was able to move closer to his family.I got a job at my brother’s drywall business. I helped transition his office into the computer age which became mandatory.

It is hard to accept when bad things happen when there is no explanation. Why would I be sparred in 2002 then 4 years later be diagnosed with a terminal illness ? I  am slow poke to when it comes to stop analyzing and fixing things. I am still learning to stop questioning God. I  made an unusual decision because of my personality that questions authority. I served in the Air Force from 1980-84. I have Lou Gehrig’s disease , but in 2008 the Veteran Administration made A.L.S. 100% service connected. In 1984 my E-4 Sargent salary was $9,000 a year. I  just received my third power wheelchair . Each worth about $40,000.

There are many other benefits that have provided financial peace. So now a decision I made 36 years ago is making sense. I am finally learning what an angel told me 15 years ago ,”Fear Not .”

I hope this post helped you. If you think I should post more let me know and comment below. I would love to try explaining biblical questions.

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