Fear Not said the Angel !

20-car-accident-2014_08_29-04_58_16-utcFifteen years ago, February 8th 2002, I fell asleep driving to work 4 am .  My trip from Palm Coast to South Jacksonville came to an end. I dozed off and hit a parked Toyota pick up. Thankfully, no one was in it or changing a tire. As the emergency team approached I heard , “Prepare everybody , looks like we have a D.O.A.

In the emergency room and had a moment of being alone. A man in scrubs, stood behind me and touched my head. He asked me, “Why are you weeping child”. I could not talk, still shaking from my accident. He responded, “Fear Not.” Someone came in to check on me and I said , “The man behind me is calming me down.” The person looked at me in puzzlement and said “What man? No one else is here!” Even after describing him as a young African-American with a thin mustache and a chin goatee, they responded , “No one else was on duty, lay down and relax.”fear-not

Many times in the bible when an angels appear to people they said , Fear Not !  That is why it comforted me.

It was what I knew angels say. Even the prophet Isaiah heard the same phrase in Isaiah chapter 41 verse 10

When I crawled into my brother’s truck, the first so;ng playing was ,”Your Love Oh Lord” by a christian rock band, “Third Day.'” I  found out later the lyrics were from Psalms It comes from Psalm 36:5-6                                            

Your love, oh Lord

Reaches to the heavens
Your faithfulness stretches to the sky
Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains
Your justice flows like the ocean’s tide

I will life my voice
To worship You, my King
I will find my strength
In the shadow on Your wings

Inside the car, the hood was 6 inches from where my head was.The picture of me at the junkyard does not show my knees knocking. I realized what could have happened . I remember my mom kept asking me “How fast were you going? I don’t know mom I  was sleeping”, I would answer . Then she would ask again. Sometimes we do the same thing with God and ask over and over: Who,What,Where ,When and Why.  Our minds need a answer and details. God reminds us “Fear Not ” 365 times in the bible. He has  the big picture in sight.

This episode of my life made me make changes. I found out I had sleep apnea which kept me from getting proper sleep and oxygen to my body. I  quit the Postal Service  after 17 years  (12 years as a mailman & 5 as a supervisor ) and being denied a transfer to  Daytona Beach as a  supervisor or starting over as a mailman.

Sometimes we learn just enough to strengthen us. God even used a “No Way ” answer for good. I found out a few years later that  christian African-American supervisor was being  discriminated by his supervisor’s. He moved into my position in Jacksonville and he was able to move closer to his family.I got a job at my brother’s drywall business. I helped transition his office into the computer age which became mandatory.

It is hard to accept when bad things happen when there is no explanation. Why would I be sparred in 2002 then 4 years later be diagnosed with a terminal illness ? I  am slow poke to when it comes to stop analyzing and fixing things. I am still learning to stop questioning God. I  made an unusual decision because of my personality that questions authority. I served in the Air Force from 1980-84. I have Lou Gehrig’s disease , but in 2008 the Veteran Administration made A.L.S. 100% service connected. In 1984 my E-4 Sargent salary was $9,000 a year. I  just received my third power wheelchair . Each worth about $40,000.

There are many other benefits that have provided financial peace. So now a decision I made 36 years ago is making sense. I am finally learning what an angel told me 15 years ago ,”Fear Not .”

I hope this post helped you. If you think I should post more let me know and comment below. I would love to try explaining biblical questions.

Initial Idea & Start Of Website Websites was created in 2007 by Wayne Lampe. I was diagnosed with A.L.S. in January 2006. I attended my only advocacy day in Washington D.C. that May. I saw courage, strength and broken hearts. There were tears and total commitment to their loved ones .Everyone there desperate for a physical cure. Many were in advanced stages of the disease, but their minds were very Sharpe. Most people with A.L.S. die within 3 to 5 years. Many people I met shared the same faith in God. I saw no other Websites devoted to A.L.S. and faith . A few months before being diagnosed , I was seriously considering starting a non-combinational church. My daughter was seven years old. One person suggested that I make recordings for her in the future. That is when I got the idea to make video lessons with biblical teachings. I started in "The book of Job"It explores many big questions in life. Teaching in children's ministry has made me remember to keep things simple and amusing. You might ask, " How do you make pain and suffering funny. Watch the Job lessons and see. I was born in New York and raised in the Catholic faith. I went to church, but it really did not make a difference in my life. I knew Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive us of our sins. I had no real relationship with God. I joined the Air Force and got married in 1981. Other than being married in church, I had not thought about God. Then in 1987, my dad died. It was the first time I had to deal with death. At the wake, I knew that was the real him laying there. I knew it was just a physical shell. The real spirit and soul was someplace else, but where? I started my search going back to Catholic Church. I remember seeing a comedy movie called "Defending Your Life". It was supposed to show what happened after you die. I know now there were many things wrong in the movie, but for me it was a starting point of seeking God. Then one morning I turned on an AM station and heard, Chuck Smith and The Word for the Day. He described the bible in a simple way. I still was not sure how to know him. Another speaker came on named Greg Laurie. He preached on" How to Know God and Make Him Known". He preached the gospel, and how to accept Jesus Christ as my savior and be forgiven of my sins and know I am going to heaven. On October 30th, 1994 I made that decision. October 1995, my wife accepted Jesus at a Harvest Crusaded in (By Greg Laurie and Calvary Chapel Ft Lauderdale) at Spring Training Yankee Stadium. Most of his ministry service has been with teaching children and youth. His bible knowledge is influenced by Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. His passion is for people to grow spiritually through learning the Word. He started a web site to help encourage others with ALS. These are family orientated and in 30 minute lessons. He uses both audio and visual presentation for easier understanding of the scriptures.

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